Accomodation Investment Offer

AIO_pdsThe investment objective of the Accommodation Investment Class of Units is to generate a return for investors through:

a. investment exposure to freehold or leasehold rights to motels and other similar accommodation, together with the associated rights to carry on the business of the motel or other similar accommodation (Accomodation Assets); and

b. the ongoing management of each Accommodation Asset in which the Accommodation Investment Class invests.

Each Accommodation Asset in which the Accommodation Investment Class invests will be managed by the Asset Manager.

The Trustee will consider investment opportunities identi ed by MFA throughout Australia which meet our investment criteria and the investment objectives of the Accommodation Investment Class.

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Investment launchedNov-13

Open or closed to investment Closed
Who can Invest Wholesale and Retail Investors
Objective of the Fund Investing in freehold and leasehold rights to motels, hotels and other similar accomodation
Capital Raise $2,000,000
Independent assessment n/a
Min application amount $50,000 and increments of $10,000
Targeted Investor Return n/a
Investment Timeframe No defined Investment Term
Project Leverage Fund may borrow up to 75% of the gross asset value of the class of the fund
Auditor Merrotts Chartered Accountants
Custodian Australian Executor Trustees